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Recent CoD Matches

vs. OptyczNi 2 : 0
Gamesters Weekend CuP
vs. KKSN GANG 2 : 0
Gamesters Weekend CuP
vs. PU TEAM 2 : 0
Gamesters Weekend CuP
vs. iSmatic 2 : 1
Gamesters Weekend CuP

Recent BF Matches T5

vs. Revelation e-Sports 1 : 0
EHUB 5vs5 DOM LEAGUE 1st Qualifier
vs. Convex 1 : 0
EHUB 5vs5 DOM LEAGUE 1st Qualifier
vs. InFiniTy PERU 1 : 0
EHUB 5vs5 DOM LEAGUE 1st Qualifier
vs. HonorBR 1 : 0
EHUB 5vs5 DOM LEAGUE 1st Qualifier

::YaHooLiGaN's! vs violentResistance 5on5 Opening EU cups for domination

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::YaHooLiGaN's!   violentResistance

Time 16/06/2014 20:00
5on5 Opening EU cups for domination League 5on5 Opening EU cups for domination

Quater Final Match

  Operation Locker Operation Locker 211 : 0  
  Siege of Shanghai Siege of Shanghai 97 : 0  

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::YaHooLiGaN's! vs The Nuclear Team GPC POLSKA 5V5

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::YaHooLiGaN's!   The Nuclear Team

Time 14/06/2014 20:00
The Nuclear Team League GPC POLSKA 5V5

  Golmud Railway Golmud Railway 277 : 0  
  Paracel Storm Paracel Storm :  

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::YaHooliGaN's! wins CSL Defuse Opening Cup

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Hello again fellow gamers. We feel most delighted to inform you about our latest succes. After weeks of hard work for all teams and great matches the 5v5 Defuse CSL Tournament finally came to an end presenting ::YaHooLiGaN's! on top.

Our Team, in particular Leader HooLiGaN_Black, HooLiGaN_ReeVs, HooLiGaN_M4rTyR, HooLiGaN_Ace, HooLiGaN_Chilli and HooLiGaN_Supre managed to win all six matches of the tournament presenting outstanding skill and teamwork. The most exciting matches were with no doubt the two matches that were streamed and are still available on our twitch channel : The winner braket's final against [tPc] the Pancakes who we conquered 14:10 as well as the big final against [1UP] One United Power that was most exciting and very close with the final score of 13:11 for us.

But what could I possibly tell you about the emotions not being on the battlefield myself? That's why I asked our Leader and Founder of the clan HooLiGaN_Black the following questions in a short interview:

HooLiGaN_Dix: Hey HooLiGaN_Black, how are you now, a few days after the heroic win?

HooLiGaN_Black: Hey Dix, hello everyone. There's not much to say, I feel great. But I most certainly won't rest on this achievement because I know that there are still a lot of work, practices and many tournaments to come. I thnik though that everyone is very happy because afterall the other teams weren't beginners either. But because of our endurance and constant trainings we got to the results that we were working so hard for.

HooLiGaN_Dix: Was there a moment or anything you remember most?

HooLiGaN_Black: Hmmm... there are a couple things but I don't want to describe all of them now because therefore I'd have to write a book but the best moments were definately in the matches against tPc and in the big final vs 1UP. There were many moments where we were loosing in the first rounds of a match and we got uncertain and angry because we realised that we could actually lose. But then it was up to me to calm everyone down and push their morals a bit and then it somehow worked all the way through the last rounds which were really the most important ones, because they made the difference between finishing first or second.

HooLiGaN_Dix: What do you think about the level of the whole tournament and the other clans?

HooLiGaN_Black: Well I think that the level was quite high but definately not the elite yet to which we strive to get to as well...very soon. As you know this was the first defuse-tournament organised by where 33 teams form all over europe took part. And as I said I wouldn't describe them as bad or beginners or so because they aren't. We already played against most of them in other matches and scrims and more than once they showed what they are capable of so coming back to the question, I do think that the level was really high, but at the same time it could be always higher.

HooLiGaN_Dix:What is coming next?

HooLiGaN_Black: Well we surely won't stand still but we are constantly looking for new challenges and opponents to improve in what we feel well with, in playing competetively. There are new tournaments and leagues waiting for us in modes like "Defuse", "Domination" and soon I think in battles on the big arena, in "Conquest". Also I would like to remind you of the Domination-Tournament that's organised by our clan for the polish scene in BF4 on Ps4 (link: Here I would like to share a little secret with all of you: We plan something "bigger" but what I mean by that I will not tell you yet.

HooLiGaN_Dix: Anything else you would like to say?

HooLiGaN_Black: I would like to thank the whole team that supports our clan in every possible way and spend every free second of their time to work on this awesome project ::YaHooLiGaN's!. I would also like to thank the Defuse-team because we won this thing through determination, hard work and of course great skill. I assure that there will be coming more soon to talk about so keep following us on facebook, twitch, youtube, your daily newspaper and whereever to be up-to-date with ::YaHooLiGaN's!
I think that's all, thanks for that interview Dix. Greets to everyone.

Following this beuatiful summary I would like to congratulate our Defuse-Team for earning the first big succes in Battlefield 4 so far and we are surely looking forward to more wins! Also of course thanks to for organising the tournament and all the other teams for making it so fun.

Stay tuned and follow us for more information about recent tournaments and results.

Your HooLiGaN_Dix and all of ::YaHooLiGaN's!



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Twitch Channel:

Final Match Details:

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