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Clan History

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Welcome to ::YaHooLiGaN's! official website.
We are a competitive eSports clan that participates in various international tournaments in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Getting started as a clan back in Call of Duty 4 in 2009 we are proud of our four-year experience in FPS games.

2009 - Birth of a legend

::YaHooLiGaN's! arose from the remains of the clan Gods of Armageddon [GofA]. The beginnings were very hard because we were not that experienced yet and so we had to face a lot of losses. The founders of the clan: Makaweli34 and Ja25dlX (now HooLiGaN_DeeBo [PS3] / HooLiGaN_Black [PS4] and HooLiGaN_Dix ) united the team and ::YaHooLiGaN's! got up like a phoenix from ashes. With determination, patience and hard work of all members we were able to create a group of people who respect each other and are able to go through the roughest times together. This hard period gave us more strength and showed us that it is worth fighting and developing together.

2010 - The road to victory

The next year was the time in which we learned from the best which allowed us to gain experience and quickly lead us to the first won matches . The time came to participate in leagues and tournaments in which we achieved better and better places. In the second season we were on fifth place in the Polish league which at that time was a huge success for us and in the third season we ended up on the podium in second place.

2011 - Moving

After 2 years of inception and two editions of the Call of Duty series a lot of people have come and gone from [::Ya] and the clan continued to grow with a better squad , better reputation and playing on a higher level. Counting to the top of the Polish scene in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 we decided to move to Battlefield 3 due to the possibilities it offered.

2012 - A New Era

New game , new people, new challenges and new problems waiting for us. Again, we started from zero but with the experience gained in previous years, we knew what we wanted and what we were able to achieve . During the first season of the Polish league we have found ourselves in the top of the table. After winning the tournament in Squad Rush 4v4 and other successes we have quickly realized that it was time to try something more and so we started to participate in international tournaments. The high level was challenging but also an opportunity to develop. Taking place on the podium in tournaments such as the Ku^ Tournament and gaining new experiences in ETT (European Team Tournament) season 3 and 4, we presented ourselves very well and we increased our popularity.
People remember and appreciate us. In the clan we have a family-like atmosphere and there is no place for individual stars or people who are looking for conflicts.
Our nicknames " HooLiGaN_ " that have been a tradition since the beginning of the clan perfectly suite to our name and are one of a kind . Surely we were the first in Poland with such an idea and we have no reason to believe that we were't even first in the World ( used as the whole clan and not a single entity).
We can also boast with the fact that many of our players represtented Poland in the national team, Team Poland [TPL], who were at that time Vice-World Champion and European Champion in Battlefield 3 on PS3.
We do not respond to provocations , which took place in the past. Such things only strengthened and motivated us even more.
We respect our history and we do not tolerate cheating which some of our ex-players had to experience themselves.

2013 - What will the future bring ?

We do not know exactly . The next step is to reach the top of European clans in Battlefield 4 and the continuous improvement of our skills. Nothing is impossible and we believe that we will achieve a lot . We can say that the formation of this clan was like the construction of a skyscraper. We started with a shovel and a piece of land . Now we can confidently say that we are already on a very high floor of the building and we do not intend to stop the construction. For sure you will hear about us again. Maybe from future generations of gamers ...

More information can be found on our website. Also subscribe to our channel on YouTube and like us on Facebook to get always new information about us, our matches, leagues and tournaments in Battlefield 4 on the PS4 and various curiosities related to games.

Greets, Clan ::YaHooLiGaN's! eSports. 



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