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End of an Era

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Greetings friends, after almost 6 years of continuous duty, now it is a time to change shifts. Our existing leaders and clan founders have decided to hand on the leadership and focus on something that will help our clan becoming more famous on international scene. So, from this day on HooLiGaN_Pilch will be our clan leader...

 He is a well known for his skills not only across our players but also on Battlefield scene. Hopefully, after Battlfield Hardline premiere, he will lead our team to many successful matches that will only confirm that our team deserves to be in top not only on Polish scene but even worldwidely. Finally, I would like to say THANK YOU to HooLiGaN_Black and HooLiGaN_Dix for all those 6 years of hard work, we wouldn't be here without them.