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::YaHooLiGN's! opens Call of Duty Ghosts Division

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Hey fellow gamers. We are very happy to announce that ::YaHooLiGN's! is not only continiously growing in power but with our new ::YaHooLiGaN's! division on Call of Duty: Ghost on PS4 in numbers as well. The leader of this division is HooLiGaN_Jumper. Being a ::YaHooLiGaN's! veteran, he knows our philosophy and what we stand for very well. Therefore he will reintroduce our clan to the Call of Duty series sticking to what is most important to us: loyalty, pride, honor and always professional and civilized behaviour. We are sure that HooLiGaN_Jumper will lead his team to great successes very soon.
To follow their progress regularly check our website, our official facebook page, our youtube channel and the divison's own twitch channel. Hoooah!



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